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September 12 - September 14
location: tbd


Forging Warriors of Faith: Unleashing the Savage Within

for God’s Glory.

  • With a call to awaken the fierce warrior within, The SAVAGE Conference aspires to mobilize men to be relentless in their pursuit of righteousness, standing firm against adversity and leading with valor to disciple future generations in the way of Christ.


To inspire and empower men to reclaim their identity in Christ, standing as victorious soldiers who lead with godliness, disciple with wisdom, and fight with honor in every sphere of life.

Savage Objectives

  1.  Foster Spiritual Growth and Worship

  2.  Equip and Encourage Resilience in Faith

  3.  Strengthen Community and Accountability

  4.  Cultivate Leadership and Discipleship Skills

  5.  Enhance Awareness of Spiritual Warfare

  6.  Promote Purpose and Action within God’s Kingdom

In the dynamic and often turbulent world of today, men face unique challenges that test their faith, strength, and identity. “The Savage Gentleman” podcast emerges as a beacon of insight, encouragement, and guidance for men seeking to reconcile their inner warrior with the grace of a gentleman under the banner of Christian faith. This weekly podcast aims to forge men of character, who are as comfortable on their knees in prayer as they are in leading with boldness in their communities and families.

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