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(Nicknames: Mirri, Mir, Mimi)

Mirriam is passionate about people walking in purpose. She enjoys watching movies & TV shows that "star" talking animals. And she loves to eat, cook, and create spicy meals.
And we are talking SPICY!!!

Dr. Mirriam Knight, PsyD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Doctor of Psychology, Pastor
Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer, and Coach

Born in South Africa, Dr. Mirriam Knight is the founder of Destiny Connections LLC, a Doctor of Psychology, licensed clinical psychologist, certified transformational coach with the John Maxwell Team with over 30 years of experience in Christian ministry and 15 years working with governmental and non-profit organizations maximizing results.

Dr. Knight completed her Masters in Social Science in Counseling Psychology at the University of the Free State in South Africa. She has also worked as a licensed counseling psychologist for over 10 years in Lesotho, Southern Africa. After relocating to the United States in 2016, Dr. Knight completed her Doctorate in Applied Clinical Psychology with The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Downtown Los Angeles. Dr. Knight fulfilled her practicums, an APA-approved pre-doctoral internship, post-doctoral fellowship and residency in community mental health, specializing in working with children, adolescents and adults that suffer from various mental health challenges.  Dr. Knight is licensed as a clinical psychologist in the the state of Ohio, USA.


Dr. Knight believes in developing an individualized approach to serving her clients, integrating psychological, spiritual, social and transformational coaching approaches formulated from a comprehensive assessment of the client and their sociocultural history and multiple other factors that contribute to presenting problems and symptoms.


Dr. Knight's mission is to heal and empower individuals to live a life of destiny, addressing wounds, blockages and areas of personal, interpersonal and organizational dysfunction that are preventing optimal wellness and wholeness. She is an advocate for transformation and change, and is committed to breaking barriers, challenging oppressive systems, and helping people discover their voice and God-given assignment and begin to operate in it fully.

Benjamin Wilson
Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer, and Coach

Born in Akron, Ohio, Benjamin is a dynamic speaker and Transformational Coach with the John Maxwell Team, with a passion for seeing people be set free, get empowered and equipped to live in their purpose. His mission is to help people identify the gift within them, and position themselves strategically as leaders in their chosen area of expertise. 


A creative and performing arts enthusiasts, Benjamin often draws on his love of the arts, sense of humor and insight matured through interactions and reflections with mentors, coaches and life experiences to connect with others. Benjamin is committed to finding creative ways to help people realize and fulfill their God-given destiny.


Benjamin also serves as he lead pastor of Liberation Church in Cleveland, OH and CEO of The Liberation Center. He is also an Advisory Board Member of Joy to the World Ministries in Lesotho.


(Nicknames: BJ, Pres, B)

Benjamin loves to see people living their dreams. He enjoys all kinds of movies, TV shows, music, and food. And he loves making up weird dances, making weird faces, and making the people around him smile and laugh.
DC Benjamin
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