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21-day Connect With Destiny Challenge: The Course

  • 21Days
  • 42Steps


A 21-day journey with breakthrough exercises, journaling prompts and self-reflection exercises to help you gain clarity regarding your life, purpose and destiny. For each day, there is a devotional, journal prompts and exercises as well as videos that will help guide you in this journey towards gaining a better understanding of yourself (your identity) and your purpose. Participants will also have the option of receiving additional support during this challenge through one 30-minute group coaching session. What clients are saying about this program... "What I am walking away with from these 21 days is an excitement about my future plans - my vision which includes a business centered around my passions. I am no longer walking in fear of failing at it. I realize that what brings on the fear of failure is not knowing that it is normal and ok to wonder about the success of whatever one wishes to achieve. What is different now is that I have the courage to step out in faith KNOWING NOW that my vision is birthed in me by God and He shall enable me to bring it to pass. The knowledge that my desires and dreams are His is a big walkaway for me as it has given me the courage to own them fully and know that it is WHAT GOD WANTS FOR ME and I DESERVE IT ALL. - Puleng Khauoe, Entreprenuer -

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